The Battle Against Stigma Book Project aims to challenge the stigma of mental health problems in the military and to encourage attitude change in order to facilitate help seeking at an early stage, without people being stigmatised because of mental health issues. The Battle Against Stigma book, co-authored by Neville and veteran mental health expert Jamie Hacker Hughes, is divided into two-volumes. The first volume is the re-telling of Neville‚Äôs own personal experience when he was sent out to Helmand in 2011 as an official war artist. This book uses imagery he made whilst he was out in Helmand. Accompanying these compelling photographs is a written account of his time living in a war zone. Neville combines his photographs and texts as a means to give some insight into the issue of adjustment disorder which he found he had fallen victim to on his return from the war zone. The second volume is made-up of the written testimonies about PTSD and adjustment disorder from serving and ex-serving soldiers. Neville and Hacker Hughes will use the two-volume book as an impetus in their crusade to challenge the stigma of mental health problems in the military. Neville will personally disseminate 1,500 copies free to Defence Mental Health Services and veteran mental health charities later this month. And Hacker Hughes will use it as a teaching tool on his course at Anglia Ruskin University which studies Veteran mental health. To be disseminated in March 2015, commercially unavailable.

Are you a former serviceman or woman who feels you may be suffering with adjustment disorder? Please write to me in confidence at to receive a free copy of Battle Against Stigma.

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